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Staff: Lucy Dean
Service:Weight Loss and Facial Rejuvenation change

In response to huge demand we are making WEIGHT LOSS Saturday a regular fixture on the last Saturday of every month.

We got fantastic feed back from the first WEIGHT LOSS Saturday and this time we have added some components that will give a deeper and more long lasting affect.
Studies have shown that adding hypnotherapy to weight loss protocols leads to not only more positive emotions related to self image but also double the actual weight loss! 
So while you are experiencing tried and tested Chinese medical techniques we are adding hypnotherapy and biofield tuning. 

The session will last 2 hours and will include:

  • Welcome liver cleanse tincture
  • Placement of appetite suppression magnets in the ears which remain for three days 
  • Deep tissue cellulite draining massage on the thighs and buttocks 
  • Superficial lipid cell acupuncture on areas needing some tightening
  • Hypnotherapy and bio-field tuning using tuning forks to work with energetic field of the body to tune imbalances and blockages
  • Internal abdominal fat draining using a Himalayan salt, ginger and Swedish bitters pack applied to the belly button and heating with moxibustion for 45 minutes
  • Facial rejuvenation needles (tiny needles) applied to the face and neck to increase blood flow to wrinkles
  • Warming digestive tea

The whole package comes to 220 CHF.

Places are limited!

Some of the feedback from last time:

“I feel tighter and super energetic”

“I lost a kg since yesterday!”

“My bowels have started moving and I feel my belly tightening"

"felt cleansed inside - transit better afterwards. Needles definitely reduced fat levels, not massive but definitely helped and the magnets to suppress appetite excellent - all told I knocked off a couple of kilos"

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