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  • Monika Stawicka - Yoga

    • Beginners
      Yoga for beginners!! Open for everyone begginners yoga classes includes:poses -basic and easy alignment for your body posture,breathing- discovering how breath is the link between body and mind,relaxation-experience deep rest through guided relaxation, meditation-firn clarity and peace of mind through simple meditation techniques and above all a lot chatting and having fun!
    • Vinyasa after work
      Stretch&Relax!! Join our powerful 90 minutes Vinyasa Yoga Afterwork! Yoga makes you feel better and will let you tune in, chill out and shape up! Benefits like stress reduction, improvement of concentration and creativity, stimulation of immune system and more....are scientifically proven as a result of yoga practice! So why not stretch out and have fun on the mat! Join us for one of our Vinyasa Afterwork! 
    • Hatha Yoga
      Gentle yoga classes-offers easy and gentle yoga practice suitable for all despite the age and physical condition.Gentle stretching and relaxation techniques will help you to restore energy and vitality, reduce stress and will promote better sleep.This class will improve your flexibility and balance. It will help you to control body weight! Join us to share good energy!
    • Pregnancy yoga
    • Wake up vinyasa